CE Bundling Program

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The CE Bundling program provides a discount for continuing education credits for those organizations that offer a number of educational activities throughout a year. This program works well for those organizations that may not meet the criteria for providership or it is not financially beneficial.

CE Bundling Fees

Contact Hours Fee
10 $170
20 $300
30 $390

Terms and Conditions

  • Bundled contact hours (CH) are valid for one full year after the purchase date. No refunds will be issued for any remaining contact hours after one year.
  • Should additional credits be needed, the CE fee schedule for individual programs will apply.
  • Bundled contact hours cannot be combined with other bundled contact hours.
  • Educational activities must follow all of the ANCC and DNA guidelines/timelines as outlined in the DNA approved manual.
  • Programs that are submitted late shall be charged the late fee accordingly:
    • If enough contact hours remain in the purchased CE bundle, double contact hours will be charged. Example: 3.0 CH program will have 6.0 contact hours charged against the purchased bundled contact hours.
    • If there are not enough contact hours remaining in the purchased CE bundle, late fees according to the individual program fee schedule apply. Late fees are based on the total number of contact hours requested. Example: 3.0 CH remain on the purchased CE bundle. A 5.0 CH program is submitted late. The charge is the 3.0 CH remaining on the bundle plus $300*. (*double the 4.1-8.0 CH from the individual program fee schedule)
    • Payment of late fee does not guarantee approval
  • Retroactive approval is not authorized by the ANCC-COA and will not be granted by the Delaware Nurses Association.