Approved Provider Application

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Getting Started

DNA uses the national voluntary system established by the American Nurses Credentialing Center (ANCC). This system is based on a peer review process in which members of the nursing profession, using designated standards and criteria, review and approved educational activities and Approved Providers. The national system is administered by the ANCC Commission on Accreditation (ANCC-COA). The COA is responsible for developing and administering the operational policies, procedures, and criteria that govern both the accreditation and approval processes and accredits Approvers and Providers of continuing nursing education.

Delaware Nurses Association is accredited as an approver of continuing nursing education by the American Nurses Credentialing Center’s Commission on Accreditation.

Organizations that invest in continuing education for registered nurses can improve the professional practice of nursing and patient outcomes.

Current Approved Providers

Renewal applications for current Approved Providers must be received in the DNA office at least 8 weeks before the expiration of the current approval. If a renewal application is received less than 8 weeks before expiration, the Approved Provider must request an extension in writing. The fee for extension is $100 per month. Contact the DNA office regarding an extension.

Current Approved Providers should follow instructions on the 'DNA Approved Provider' tab.

New Provider Unit Applicants

Step 1: Evaluate Readiness
  • The Primary Nurse Planner has the authority within the organization to ensure adherence to DNA Approval Program criteria.
  • Nurse Planners (if any) within the applicant organization are currently licensed registered nurses with a baccalaureate degree or higher in nursing.
  • The applicant organization has position descriptions for the Primary Nurse Planner (required) and Nurse Planner (if applicable) that accurately reflect job responsibilities according to DNA Approval Program criteria.
  • The applicant organization has planned, implemented, and evaluated at least 3 educational activities of at least one hour in length using DNA Approval Program Criteria (for individual educational activities) with active involvement of a qualified Nurse Planner.
  • The applicant organization is not classified as a commercial interest organization, or is not owned or operated by an organization classified as a commercial interest organization.
  • The applicant organization has had three individual educational activities that were approved by DNA in the last 12 months.
  • The applicant organization has the resources to maintain records for 7 years.
  • The applicant organization understands and has the resources to pay all approval-related expenses including application, annual and other associated fees.
  • The applicant organization understands and has the resources to submit all required approval documents to DNA in a timely manner. 
Step 2: Provider Application Forms and Manual
  • DNA Approved Provider Application
  • Demographic Information Form
  • Individual CNE Summary Form
  • Application Manual for Approval of Approved Providers and Individual CE Activities
Step 3: Individual Activities
  • New Provider Unit Applicants must submit three DNA approved individual activities approved within the last 24-months. The DNA approved programs must include:
    • Direct involvement with a Nurse Planner;
    • Adheres to the DNA Approval Program criteria;
    • Programs must be 60-minutes in length; and
    • Programs that are not joint provided with other organizations.
Step 4: Application Packet, Individual Activities, and Fee
  • Provider applications must be mailed to the DNA office. Applications cannot be accepted online or via e-mail.
  • Applications must be submitted in the following formats:
    • 2 hard copies
      • Each copy should be typed and have pages clearly numbered.
      • Each copy should be bound or held together to facilitate review. Do not use heavy binders.
    • 1 copy on USB/flash drive in pdf format
      • The self-study package should have each requirement labeled (e.g. Self-Study, Activity 1, Activity 2, Activity 3).
    • The provider application should be one comprehensive PDF file with PDF bookmarks.
      • The application must be PDF bookmarked with appropriate sections (OO, SC, EDP, QO)
    • Each individual activity should be one comprehensive PDF file with PDF bookmarks.
      • Each PDF bookmark should list, in order, the bullet points for recordkeeping as defined by ANCC (page 33-34 of the Continuing Nursing Education Policies and Application Manual for Individual Educational Activities)
      • All evidential information MUST be included (i.e. marketing materials, forms, needs assessment data, etc.)
Fee Schedule
Payment must accompany application. The application process will not begin until payment is received in the DNA office. DNA will bill the provider fees over the course of the 3-year approval period.
Year 1: $1,200 (application fee)
Year 2: $1,000
Year 3: $1,000

Mail to
Delaware Nurses Association
4765 Ogletown-Stanton Road, Suite L10
Newark, Delaware 19713