DNA Election Info

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 Election for Fall 2017
  • President
  • Secretary
  • Treasurer (special election)
  • Committee on Nominations
Ballot Close: November 14, 2017
Voting Close: December 5, 2017
General Membership meeting: December 12, 2017, DTCC-Terry Campus, Dover (new date)

Upcoming Election 2018
  • Treasurer
  • Committee on Nominations
The secret ballot and directions for voting will be made available to members four weeks prior to the fall General Membership meeting.

The ballot will be emailed directly to all DNA members. Those members who wish to receive a paper copy of the ballot should contact the DNA office at (302) 733-5880. All ballots must include voters' membership number. If you do not have your number, please contact the DNA office or ANA directly at (800) 923-7709 or email memberinfo@ana.org.

Elections are held by secret ballot. A plurality vote is considered an election. Members may vote for a person other than those who are listed on the ballot by writing in the name(s) of qualified candidates. The written consent agreement must given to the Chair of the Nominating Committee by the 'write in' candidate by close of voting.
  • Voting will close 5 days prior to the fall General Membership meeting
  • The Chair of the Nominating Committee or his/designee will announced elections results at the fall General Membership meeting
  • Elected officials will assume their duties at the adjournment of the fall General Membership meeting

Board Function

The DNA Board of Directors is the corporate body composed of elected members. All Board members have voting privileges. The key responsibility of the Board is to:
  • Exercise the corporate and fiduciary duties of the Association with applicable provisional law
  • Provide for implementation of action and directive of the DNA membership
  • Establish policies and provide for the transaction of business and coordination of Association activities in the interim between general membership meetings
  • Provide for the adoption and implementation of financial policies
  • Provide for continuity of DNA functions and activities
  • Provide information to the membership on professional and national trends.
Board Meetings
Board meetings are held at least four times per year with time and place determined by the Board of Directors.