RN Volunteer Responsibilities

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As a registered nurse, you may practice professional nursing with or without financial compensation. As a RN volunteer, you are required to follow and meet the requirements for licensure as outlined in the in the Delaware Nurse Practice Act (an outline of licensure requirements can be found on the RN Volunteer tab).

In addition to adhering to the Nurse Practice Act, RN volunteers should be familiar with the ANA Nursing Scope and Standards of Practice, adhere to agencies' policies and procedures and follow agency standards for confidentiality, infection control, safety, documentation and reporting of abuse or neglect.

It is also suggested, but not required, that RN volunteers carry professional liability insurance and should maintain own records of volunteer hours and activities.


  • You must use the nursing process for the hours to be counted toward practice hours.
  • Document! Be sure to document the date, number of hours and a description of the nursing activity.
  • Your volunteer activities should not displace or reduce work hours for paid registered nurses.
  • Not sure if the activity qualifies for practice hours? Contact the Board of Nursing for clarification!