Delaware Professional Health Monitoring Program

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According to the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration there are approximately 22 million people in the United States who abuse drugs and alcohol (SAMSHA 2008). This is not a disease that discriminates based on age, health, race or socioeconomic status. General symptoms of substance use problems in nurses can include: mood swings, defensiveness, isolation, irritability, poor judgment, difficulty following through on assignments, coming to work on days off and volunteering for overtime. Early recognition and intervention leads to better outcomes for the nurse and a safe environment for the public.
The mission of the Delaware Professionals Health Monitoring Program (DPHMP) is to support the Divisional of Professional Regulation (DPR) in protecting the health, safety,and welfare of the public.

Purpose of DPHMP

The purpose of the confidential DPHMP is to help professionals recover from substance abuse and mental health issues.

Who Should Participate in DPHMP?

Any licensed professional regulated by the state of Delaware Title 23, Title 24, and Title 28 board or commission that is experiencing substance abuse and/or mental health issues.

Who is Eligible?

Licensees must have a Delaware license or certification. The licensee must not have committed an offense, other than the status of being chemically dependent/impaired that would constitute grounds for discipline under applicable laws governing the profession. Licensees may be mandated into the DPHMP by their licensing board or commission by an Order.

How to Enroll
  • Voluntarily self refer into the program
  • Be referred by a third party who contacts the DPR or DPHMP
  • Be mandated to enroll by an Order from a professional licensing board or commission
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