Veteran Resources for Nurses

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For Nurses who want to help Veterans with PTSD

Hope Begins with You.

The PTSD toolkit is a self-directed e-learning program designed to teach or reinforce Nurses' knowledge about the treatment of veteran's with PTSD. Test your skill for treating veterans with PTSD using our simulation tools. Based on real case studies, the simulations let you practice intervening with a veteran. Learn more


Have you ever served in the military? is a simple but very important question that nurses and other healthcare providers will now be asking their patients. Military service members may have been exposed to environments that could lead to adverse health risks—risks that healthcare providers need to know to serve veterans better.

One example of a veteran health risk not common to civilians: Veterans returning from Iraq and Afghanistan, who worked or slept near open-air burn pits, may have been exposed to multiple toxins. These toxins can lead to an increased risk for respiratory illnesses and a variety of cancers, including leukemia.

The most common health concerns linked to military service, as well as questions the provider should ask the veteran will assist providers to obtain a more complete military service history and identify possible health factors or illnesses related to such service.

Intake Questions

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