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Advertising on the DNA Website Homepage

The DNA website is the destination for Delaware nursing professionals to visit for up-to-date information relevant to the nursing community. DNA is committed to delivering high quality information to nurses in Delaware and makes every effort to drive participation on our website.

Sarah Carmody
(302) 733-5880

Rotating Banner: $200/30-day posting
Block Ad: $100/30-day posting

Rotating Banner and Block Ad Details

Advertising is limited to nursing products and services such as conferences, call for papers, degree programs, grants, institutes, seminars and workshops.

No animated or flashing ads will be accepted.
First come, first served bases.

General Policies
To advertise on the site, advertising must not conflict with the mission, vision or values of DNA. DNA reserves the right to decline posting a Rotating Banner or Small Block ad.

All advertising is subject to the approval of Delaware Nurses Association. The Association reserves the right to reject advertising. Advertisers and their agencies assume all liability for all content (including text representation and illustration) of advertisement and all responsibility for any resulting claims against the publisher. The Association assumes no responsibility if, for any reason, it becomes necessary to remove advertising.

Delaware Nurses Association reserves the right to discontinue Rotating Banners and Small Block ad space at any time. A minimum of 30-day notice will be given to the advertiser prior to discontinuing an ad space.