RN and APRN Categories

Academic Educator An academic nurse educator who excels at facilitating learning through curriculum design, teaching, evaluation, and advisement in an academic program of nursing and who engages in research/scholarship and functions as a change agent and leader in higher education.

Advanced Practice Registered Nurse A nurse licensed at the Advanced Practice level (Nurse Practitioner, Clinical Nurse Specialist, Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist, and Certified Nurse Midwife) who demonstrates advanced leadership skills, superior clinical knowledge and plays a pivotal role in providing quality care to patients, families and communities as well as serving as a role model and mentor through the art of advanced professional nursing.

Behavioral Health A RN or APRN who demonstrates superior clinical nursing skills in advancing health and wellness promotion through identification of mental health issues, prevention of mental health problems and the care and treatment of persons with psychiatric disorders.

Case/Quality Management, Managed Care/Informatics A RN or APRN who demonstrates advanced management and communications skills as a community or hospital case manager, or in quality management, risk management, infection prevention, patient safety, utilization management and informatics as well as serving as a role model and mentor through the art of professional nursing.

Correctional Nursing A RN or APRN who demonstrates superior nursing knowledge and expert clinical skills in optimizing health and delivery of health care to individuals, families, communities, and populations under the jurisdiction of the criminal justice system as well as serving as an advocate for reducing environmental health risks for workers, patients, and others in the correctional setting.

Home Health/Hospice A RN or APRN who demonstrates advanced clinical knowledge and an advanced ability to navigate system resources to enhance the quality of life for patients and their families in the home health care setting, hospice, or inpatient hospice.

Inpatient Clinical Nursing, Perioperative and Emergency An RN or APRN who demonstrates superior clinical nursing knowledge and expert skills, and applies both in ways that measurably impact the quality of care and improve patient care outcomes in any inpatient clinical setting or nursing specialty.

Long-Term Care/Rehabilitation A RN or APRN who demonstrates advanced knowledge of nursing interventions and superior coordination and collaborative skills in the nursing home setting, gerontology, services for disabilities, rehabilitative services, subacute/transitional unit.

Public Health, Community Health or Ambulatory Care An RN or APRN who exemplifies outstanding clinical knowledge, nursing expertise, and community involvement in caring for patients in settings outside the hospital as well as serving as a role model and mentor through the art of professional nursing.

Advancing and Leading the Profession An RN or APRN who is well-known and respected as a visionary, innovative leader and change agent, who moves the profession forward through work in patient care administration, education or research, or strengthens it through other professional activities, endeavors or contributions.

Education and Mentorship An RN or APRN who demonstrates a high degree of ability to develop nurses through skills training or professional development programs, or who guides, supports or influences nurses' career development in meaningful, measurable ways in an institution or practice setting through the art of professional nursing.

Emerging Nurse Leader An RN or APRN under the age of 40 who demonstrates strong leadership and excellence in their practice setting and positively promotes and advances the nursing profession.

Nurse Innovation An RN or APRN who demonstrates exemplary leadership in advancing nursing care by developing an innovative solution to address an identified problem or need in patient safety and/or outcomes.

Nursing Legend The Nursing Legends Award is a one-time award presented to a retired nurse whose extraordinary contributions has significantly enhanced the nursing profession, impacted our society and whose work continues to impact the provision of health services in Delaware.

Volunteerism and Service An RN or APRN who gives of self in outstanding humanitarian and/or heroic ways by providing nursing care, skills and expertise in outreach to the community, either at home or abroad, to improve the lives, well-being, and healthcare of others.

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