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DNA Approved Provider Application

An Approved Provider is an eligible organization approved by DNA after having submitted to an in-depth analysis to determine its capacity to provide quality continuing education over the approval period.


To monitor compliance with the DNA Approval Program criteria, all Approved Providers are required by February 1st to submit a Demographic Information form (to DNA office) and Continuing Education Summary for the previous calendar year (via the ANCC NARS system).


Invoices for the annual fee will be e-mailed out separately to the Primary Nurse Planner. Fees are due within 30 days of receipt of the invoice.

Midcycle Review

DNA will select two educational activities DNA Approved Providers provided from the Approved Provider Continuing Education Summary via the ANCC NARS system. The Approved Provider will submit the complete files to be reviewed by the CE Committee for compliance to the DNA Approval Program.

DNA reserves the right to request additional documents/information from the DNA Approved Provider.


Required Forms

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