DNA addresses its various functions through a system of standing and ad-hoc committees to promote diversity and broad-based member involvement and ownership. The following are the standing committees:
Professional Development, Communication, Advocacy, and Committee on Nominations.

Professional Development Committee

The Professional Development Committee (PDC) is the provider unit of the Delaware Nurses Association (DNA). The PDC is administratively and operationally responsible for coordinating all aspects of the continuing nursing education activities provided by DNA.

Mission: to support learning activities that assist in the development and maintenance of continued competence, enhance professional practice, and support career goals of registered nurses.


  • Develop individual educational activities and award contact hours for registered nurses for use in fulfilling their own goals for professional development, licensure, and certification.
  • Respond to the diverse needs of the nursing population by providing continuing nursing education through partnerships with organizations that have a similar mission and goals of the Delaware Nurses Association.
Communication Committee

The Delaware Nurses Association is committed to serving its members and the nursing community with information that is relevant to the nursing profession. Through articles in its official publication, the DNA Reporter, DNA disseminates the latest news on nursing research, education, and practice. In addition, the publication serves to communicate DNA activities and those of the American Nurses Association to its members and the nursing community.

The DNA Reporter is a publication published quarterly:

  • February/March/April
  • May/June/July
  • August/September/October
  • November/December/January

DNA has a long standing partnership with Arthur L. Davis Publishing Company to bring the DNA Reporter to nurses of Delaware free of charge.

Mission: to publish articles that support the profession of nursing and the goals of DNA.


  • Create and sustain a standard of excellence in promoting ongoing nursing education through articles that touch on the diversity and complexity of the profession.
  • Expand the resource base through subscription promotion to generate advertising revenue that supports the publication of the DNA Reporter and promotes DNA membership.
Advocacy Committee

DNA takes appropriate action whenever necessary to recommend and/or promote legislation (including statutory and administrative laws, executive policies standards, regulations, rulings, and legal decisions) which affect the interest of healthcare consumers, the nursing profession and support the mission and goals of DNA. The Advocacy Committee is charged with monitoring and participating in policy related to health care, the workplace, patient care, and many other areas where nurses are engaged.

Review the DNA Legislative Positions

Mission: to educate the membership and policymakers about the most crucial and current legislative initiatives and concerns which directly affect healthcare consumers and the nursing profession.


  • Establish working relationships with local and national legislators.
  • Establish collaborative relationships with other healthcare professionals and organizations.
  • Strengthen the voice of nursing through legislative advocacy.
  • Provide resources to the nursing community to advocate on behalf of healthcare consumers and the nursing profession.
Committee on Nominations

The Delaware Nurses Association Nominating Committee is an independent Committee tasked with preparing a slate of qualified Board of Directors candidates for membership consideration. Nominating Committee members act only in the interest of the DNA membership and within the scope of the DNA mission and responsibilities assigned to it by the DNA Bylaws.

It is the responsibility of the Nominating Committee to recognize and seek qualified nominees for the elected leadership of DNA. The members of the Committee, therefore, have tremendous influence on the future of the Delaware Nurses Association and should themselves be carefully elected. The Nominating Committee members need a knowledge and experience of the concerns and interests of the DNA membership and are accountable for adherence to the Bylaws and for compliance with the rules and procedures established by these policies.

Mission: to nominate qualified candidates for the Board of Directors and Board officer positions.


  • Increase the number of qualified applicants for positions on the DNA Board of Directors and Nominating Committee.
  • Increase DNA membership awareness of and participation in the elections process.
  • Maintain a positive and transparent atmosphere prior to, during, and after the elections process for all applicants and candidates.

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